Financial Information

Financial Aid

It is the goal of True North College to offer an affordable education.  We feel that the best financial aid we can offer our students is our relatively low tuition. Several other forms of financial aid are available to certain students including:

•20% discount on tuition for students taking 12 or more credits in a semester

•Chancellor’s Scholarship (a half tuition scholarship for 60 credits for a student in the Diploma in Ministry Leadership track or the Diploma in Practical Theology track)*

•President’s Scholarship (a half tuition scholarship for 30 credits for a student in the Certificate in Biblical Studies track)*

•Discounted tuition for True North staff

*Students must apply for these scholarships at the beginning of each academic year (online applications must be submitted by May 15)

Application Fee

There is a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $20.  It must be paid upon making application for admission. In order to take any number of courses for credit at True North College, a prospective student must first apply to the school and be accepted. This must be done prior to the beginning of the semester (Fall or Spring) in which a prospective student wants to take his or her first course(s) at True North College. Once accepted, the new True North College student may register for classes in that upcoming semester and can register for classes in future semesters as long as he or she remains in good academic standing. Applications can be submitted online and include, among other things, submission of a high school transcript or its equivalent. 


True North College offers students an opportunity to earn a Diploma in Ministry Leadership, a Diploma in Practical Theology, or a Certificate in Biblical Studies. Students may pursue these degrees on a part-time or full-time basis.

Tuition per credit (part-time students)

•$100 per credit
•$300 for a 3 credit course

Tuition per credit (full-time students taking 12-18 credits in a semester)

•$80 per credit (20% discount)*
•$240 for a 3 credit course (20% discount)

*Over the course of a 60 credit program, a full time student will save $1200 (a 20% discount on tuition is given to full-time students).

Student Life Fee

Upon registration for classes in any given semester, all students pay a student life fee based on the number of courses taken in that semester ($30 per course). This fee covers course materials, hospitality, student life activities, general facilities use, and use of the library. It is paid along with the payment of tuition prior to each semester in which a student is enrolled in courses regardless of how many credits are being taken in that particular semester.

Each student enrolled in a course will receive course materials to include a syllabus and course teaching materials. Various forms of hospitality (snacks, drinks, etc.) will be provided in class for students from time to time. Student life activities will also be made available to students during each semester. Although students are not required to participate in student life activities, they are encouraged to take advantage of them. Students will be issued a library card and may check out books from the library and/or use the library for research and study. A fine of $1 per day will be charged for overdue books. Library fines must be paid in full before additional books can be checked out of the library.  Students may only check out books during a period in which they are currently enrolled in a course.

Graduation Fee

A graduation fee of $40 must be paid after all appropriate course work is completed.  Students will not receive their degree until the graduation fee and any other outstanding payments to the school are paid.

Payment & Registration Schedule

Students must pay in full for tuition and fees at least one week in advance of the start of the semester. These dates also serve as registration deadlines. A student is not registered for a course until full payment is made. Payment can be made online or at the Academic Services Administrator’s office during office hours.

2020-2021 Fall Semester
Registered for classes and tuition paid in full no later than 8/25/20*

2020-2021 Spring Semester
Registered for classes and tuition paid in full no later than 12/28/20

2021-2022 Fall Semester 
Registered for classes and tuition paid in full no later than 8/23/21

2021-2022 Spring Semester 
Registered for classes and tuition paid in full no later than 12/27/21

*Course registration made after these deadlines (and before the end of the Drop/Add period) will incur a $40 late registration fee.

Drop, Add, Withdrawal &
Unofficial Withdrawal

The Drop/Add period runs through the second week of the semester. During this two-week time period enrolled students may register for courses, complete their payment and then enter class (“add” a course). They may also “drop” a course during this time period with no academic penalty and with a 75% refund. Drop/Add forms are online.

A student may “withdraw” from a course anytime between the third week and ninth week of a semester with no academic penalty. A grade of “W” (Withdrawal) for that course will be placed on the student’s transcript (this grade will not impact a student’s GPA). No tuition refund is given for that course. Withdrawal forms are online.

Students who do not show up for class and do not request to drop the course or withdraw from it will be considered “unofficially withdrawn” (UW) and will receive an “F” for that course. Students who attend less than 60% of the classes will also be considered UW and will receive an “F” for the course. No refund will be given.