Academic Policies

Academic Standing

Students who do not maintain a 2.0 GPA will be placed on academic probation. Students on academic probation will not be permitted to take more than 9 credits in a semester until their GPA is brought back up to a 2.0. At that time, they will be removed from academic probation and no such notice will be placed on their transcript. Students who earn at least a 3.5 GPA from at least 12 credits earned in a semester will be placed on the Dean’s List for that semester. Students who earn at least a 3.75 GPA from at least 12 credits earned in a semester will be placed on the President’s List for that semester. Students pursuing the Diploma in Ministry Leadership or the Diploma in Practical Theology must complete all required courses in no more than five years from the time of their acceptance into True North College (students may complete these programs in as little as two years). Students pursuing the Certificate in Biblical Studies must complete all required courses in no more than three years from the time of their acceptance into True North College (students may complete this program in as little as one year).

Transfer of Credits

Each request for the acceptance of a transfer of credits will be considered on a case by case basis. Special attention will be given to the similarity of the transferring institution to True North College as well as the matching up of course for course. In any case, no more than 27 credits can be transferred in to the Diploma Programs and no more than 12 credits can be transferred in to the Certificate Program. 

Course Cancellation

Any course that does not have an enrollment of at least six students
by the first day of class is subject to cancellation.

Course Requirements

Most courses include the following assignments (see course syllabus for further details):

Attendance (at least 60% attendance is required to receive credit for a course)
Mid-term exam
Final exam
Research Paper

Grading Scale

In order to earn credit for a course, a student will have to earn at least a “70%”.  Percentage grades are converted into final letter grades and then GPA 4.0 scale equivalents.

Letter Grade     Percentage   4.0 GPA Scale
Fbelow 700.0

I = Incomplete (must meet course requirements within one week of the end of the course)
W = Withdrawal (no letter grade/no credit; does not affect overall GPA)
UW = Unofficial Withdrawal (“F” grade for inadequate attendance)

After each semester, grades will be posted for students to view. A current cumulative average (GPA) as well as total credits earned to date will be included in the grade sheet. This cumulative grade sheet serves as the student’s temporary unofficial transcript. 

Late Assignments

All assignments are due on their due date. Late assignments will incur a 10% late penalty. Assignments will not be accepted after one week from their due date. Unaccepted assignments will be assigned a “0” grade.

If a student is not able to take an exam when it is given, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the office and arrange a time to take the exam at the school sometime within 7 days from when the exam was given. If the student fails to initiate such an arrangement, a “0” grade will be given.

Entrance Requirements

In order to make application to True North College a prospective student must have a high school degree or its equivalent. Current high school students may not make application to True North College or take courses for credit. They can, however, audit courses provided they are at least 16 years old and have a recommendation letter from the Youth Pastor of True North Church.

Applications can be completed online. General information as well as specific information via written essays and a Pastoral reference must be provided along with a high school or college transcript. The application process will be completed after the student interviews with an admissions officer.

Students who choose to audit a course(s) do not go through the application process and do not need to be admitted to True North College. The first time a non-admitted student registers to audit a course, he or she must complete the online audit registration form. True North College has a non-discriminatory policy with respect to student admittance. It admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin or physical handicap.

True North College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin or physical handicap in the administration of its educational policies, financial aid opportunities, admissions policies, employment practices, and other school administered programs. 


Students must petition to graduate at least one semester prior to graduation. Graduation is in May after the closing of the Spring semester. Students who have successfully completed their program of study, have at least a 2.0 GPA, and have fulfilled all of their financial obligations to True North College can graduate.


True North College will release a student’s transcript record only upon receiving authorization from the student. Transcript request forms can be completed online.  All transcript requests must be accompanied by a $10 fee.